Why Have Conservatives Turned Their Backs on Facts?

It’s an insurmountable task to hope that anything could convince Trump supporters that his snake oil really isn’t the cure for whatever ails them. It’s going to simply take a massive turnout of believers in facts, in every election, to wrestle the basic fairness back into our democracy; tenacity has to become a liberal bias as well as truth.

Hope During the Age of Trump

And I believe that even if I don’t personally live to see the next iteration of the rise of goodness in Americans come to fruition overcoming the intolerant, power-hungry, charlatans like you and this current GOP-controlled Congress, it.will.come.
And when it does, you and the scumbags you encourage will once again be relegated to the dark moist places where roaches belong; ridiculed by those around you and for generations to come.

The Biggest DonCon of All: “America First” is Making America Worst

Just as Herbert Hoover, the last Republican “businessman” did, President Trump and the GOP has implemented isolationism, personal enrichment, and a gross ignorance of knowledge about governmental economics, into a death spiral for the U.S., in the world leadership role. Incidentally, Hoover also had an all-Republican Congress at his disposal. Big frigging surprise! First, they…