Network News Divisions are Complicit in the U.S. Financial Crisis

News divisions used to be cost centers funded by entertainment divisions and the advertising that sponsored entertainment. Not anymore. All five of the Networks below reported on the earth-shattering “news” that “Katie is leaving Tom”, but not how perilously close we are to economic meltdown. Why? Economic meltdowns aren’t sexy. This makes the once-respectable and objective Network News complicit in the ongoing financial crisis.

The concentrated Corporate Media caters to the corporate powers, complete with propaganda machines for FOX and to a lesser extent the rest of the sad lot. The entire televised News media is owned by 5 MegaCorporations:

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  1. ABC NEWS is owned by Disney whose subsidiary groups include Disney Media Group, Disney Parks and Resorts, Walt Disney Studios, and of course all the Disney products. Yay! Mickey Mouse now owns ABC NEWS!
  2. CBS NEWS, which once claimed such respected journalists like Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite, is owned by Viacom. Viacom also proudly owns the esteemed MTV, VH1, and SPIKE TV.
  3. NBC NEWS, (and CNBC, and MSNBC), now owned by cable giant Comcast, (NBCUniversal is NBC Groups Official name now)has fallen the farthest. NBC, represented by Chet Huntley and David Brinkley also boasted the respected Meet the Press with esteemed moderators / journalists Tim Russert, Marvin Kalb, and Garrick Utley. MTP is now chaired by uber-conservative, and obviously biased David Gregory. Meet The Press, once Sunday morning’s “must-see” political news hour is now a joke and is mostly referred to by the ever-shrinking viewing public as “Press the Meat”. Gregory, Karl Rove’s favorite dance partner, spends Sunday mornings berating Democrats and softballing Republican guests worse than early-morning host, short-term, fallen, former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough and a motley crew of “yes-men/women” and the obsequious Mika Brezinski on MSNBC. The true irony of MSNBC is that the Conservatives like to lament and compare MSNBC’s “liberal” bias whenever FOX’s “Conservative” bias is mentioned. The fallacy being that other than its Prime Time line-up, MSNBC has as many Conservative hosts and guests as FOX. While MSNBC may slant the truth occasionally to a moderate left, FOX skews so-called “news” to stir its horde of mindless and Limbaugh-esque faithful with apparently complete abandon.
  4. FOX NEWS, part of Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid-media empire, is owned by News Corp.It is, of course a complete misnomer, that does not even attempt to hide its extreme bias towards Conservative politics. FOX “NEWS” goes so far as to fabricate “news” in order to trash any progressive ideas or successes, and is home of gossip rags. In an effort to lend credibility to its line-up, it purchased and immediately DE-legitimized the once-respected Wall St. Journal.
  5. CNN rounds out the American “News” companies, once owned by Ted Turner, and is owned by Time/Warner,(former home of Bugs Bunny, et al) which has the worst ratings because of its attempt to remain at least somewhat objective.

Shame on the CEOs, the shareholders and the viewers for supporting any of these clown shows that have insulted our intelligence, pandered to price-per-share journalism, become more interested in taking sides for ratings than authenticity of content, and become less relevant to informing the American public of the entire truth than Saturday Night Live.

Harvey Gold

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  1. jackarm
    July 8, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    Spot on. The networks have all pretty much taken sides. I do not know a solution but I do know we better protect the internet from government interference. It is a critical part of free speech. I do not want to see any form of regulation. I know this means there will be porn and stuff aimed at kids – but – rather that than have the governemnt start regulating the internet. . Once the govt. gets their hands on the internet it will be choked down.

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