It Pains Me To Say It: Republicans Are Just Cowards

What has happened to the Republican Party? There is just no other way to say it. Republicans have become cowards in the truest sense of the word. They’re scared little children who are crying, lying, and throwing tantrums (literally) every single time they can’t bully the President or their propaganda arm-FOX “News”- can’t convince their low-information voters to do something contrary to their own interest.

They have become unbridled liars (see: Paul Ryan’s RNC Speech, anything Mitt Romney uttered for two years, Newt Gingrich’s complete lack of knowledge or incapability to tell the truth when comparing himself to Ronald Reagan); and those are just the recent presidential candidates.

The Extent of Their Propaganda Success

In no particular order, just a sampling of the Republican debacles over two decades:

  1. 9/11-George W. Bush, Jr. Allowed only full-scale attack on American Soil since Pearl Harbor
  2. Hurricane Katrina-Arabian Horse Breeder (“Good Job Brownie”) can’t be bothered to interrupt his dinner when the levees are breached in New Orleans
  3. Financial Crisis of 2008-George W. Bush, Jr. again…’nuff said.
  4. 112th Congress(Republican-led) works fewer days than any other in history and refuses to reduce their own budget despite accomplishing absolutely nothing except voting to repeal ObamaCare 33 times.
  5. By using a mere parliamentary procedure(debt ceiling increase of 2011), Republicans cause U.S. credit rating to be dropped a notch for the first time in history. Yes, they’re posed to do the same in just a couple of months.
  6. Want to continue tax breaks for the wealthiest people in America on the backs of the sick, the elderly, and maimed veterans.
  7. In the wake of Sandy Hook, CT Elementary School Massacre, Republican Governors and various Congressman call for…wait for it…arming teachers.

I will admit one thing that hasn’t changed. Republicans create so much turmoil, so little common sense, so much whining and crying that one cannot even have time to write about one debacle before they create another to take the last one’s place. That is verbatim out of the George W. Bush, Jr. playbook.

The Award for Most Shameful Act Goes To:

But even with the saddest act of Sandy Hook, I blame the NRA’s ability to bully the scaredy-cat Republicans more than the Republicans themselves. Like their paramour, lil Grover Norquist, they’re just trying to keep their mansions and servants. Republicans are merely the bullied little nerds in this case.

The most shameful thing I’ve seen the Republicans do is allow nutjobs to force them to reject the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Yet another miserable example of just how insidious—and successful—the fear mongering and party line tactics of the extreme right have become in our society and was humiliating for the whole world to see. The convention had the strong support of Republican VIPs as Senator John McCain, former governor and Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge, and of course former Senate Majority Leader Robert Dole.

However, in spite of their repeated guarantees that the non-binding convention—which has no force of international law—would in no way violate U.S. sovereignty, 38 Republican Senators voted against the measure. Their objections were largely based on the false claim organized by the former conservative (and nutjob) Senator Rick Santorum that ratification of the convention would have given UN bureaucrats “oversight” over such issues as “the healthcare and education choices parents with special needs kids make.”

Of course, even Mitt Romney could not have told a bigger more obvious lie. Santorum’s bewilderment and abject paranoia about the jurisdiction of this convention—and the UN in general—is all the more alarming because it represents a victory for the isolationist wing of the Republican Party. These are the same ideologues who are/were willing to highjack the common good on such issues as the fiscal cliff or debt ceiling for the sake of brinksmanship. Thanks to their anti-government and anti-UN obsessions, the more than 600 million people living with disabilities worldwide will no longer be able to look to the United States for leadership in support of their fundamental right to live full and productive lives, free from both the physical and political barriers that all too often stand in their way.

And Republicans….and ONLY Republicans, were too scared, too cowardly, too un-American to even stand up for those who can no longer stand on their own because of injuries received defending their rights to be complete weenies.

Be sure to check under your bed Mr. Santorum. There may be a boogey-man there and I hate to see any American squeal like a baby with diaper rash.

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