Confederates & Republicans 1776-2013

The Confederate Republicans have never stopped believing “they was robbed”, and I don’t mean the Confederates from the 1860s; I think it’s worth remembering that the failure of the Articles of Confederation, [the first Constitution]whose principles (weak central government, inability to collect taxes and lacking adequate defenses against hostile countries,) were formulated while The Colonies were still at war with Britain, but not signed into law until 1781.

I mean let’s just face it; Confederate Republicans are just lousy losers as well as winners, but they’ve successfully commandeered the Republican Party into being a party of scared old white guys vs young brash white guys. No grace, no good sports, no spirit of compromise or playing fair and square, and definitely n o concern for the majority of Americans. If any Republicans dare to show any signs of common decency, they might have to <gasp> run a primary against one of those young, brash white guys.

As a party, when Republicans lose to Democrats, they simply resolve to lie, cheat and steal more, and better, and nastier. Winning is everything. Ask Joe Scarborough. He said so on his own show. I have the recording. Ask Nixon and Watergate; ask Saint Ronny Raygun and Iran-Contra; Ask Bush Sr. the same; Ask Bush Jr., well don’t ask Bush Jr., he thinks everything is “rocket surgery” and was totally manipulated by Darth Cheney, Donny Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz.

Winning: not being right, not being smart, not being honorable, not representing the country, not even being the good Christians they tend to claim. That would involve empathy for the poor instead of scorn, charity over greed, peace over war. Nope. Winning. Just Winning. Beat down your opponent with lies, any and every dirty trick, hell…poke ’em in the eye, just win! My way or we secede. When they lose, like in this past Presidential election, again they come with the secession talk. No matter that it’s treason. No matter that it’s anti-American.

My “great” home state of Mississippi still flies the Stars and Bars as part of its state flag; it finally got around to ratifying the 13th Amendment to the Constitution two weeks ago, and made it perfectly clear to women that even if they are raped, it’s their fault and they must carry that rapist’s baby to term whereupon the GOP doesn’t give a crap what happens to him/her but they will let him/her die of starvation, if not scorn and neglect before they would allow any governmental assistance.

And they call themselves Patriots. Like Failin Palin, Allen West, and Rush Limbaugh. Hell, Mississippi might as well be run by the Taliban. Hatred of non-white, non-Christian America is still palpable here. And there’s just as much hatred for the “northern aggressors”.  President Obama could cure cancer and make us all rich and he’d still be a guy who should rightfully be “property” to them.

Not only was I born in Mississippi, but my younger years were spent in Vicksburg. There are many stories told about the war there—how during the Siege, townspeople and soldiers alike had to live in caves and eat roots for forty days; about the piles of dead bodies and the fact that after two weeks there wasn’t a dog or cat to be seen anywhere in town—many of the stories have an edge of some uneasy search, as if through generations of re-telling, the stories themselves are still looking for the right thing to say about the dying , and the Siege, and the eventual surrender—My how these people hate to lose, but they hate a lot of things.

Poor Losers All the Way Back to 1776

The Founding Fathers were divided between those seeking a powerful, centralized national government, and those seeking a loosely structured one. Jealously guarding their new independence, members of the 2nd Continental Congress arrived at a compromise solution dividing sovereignty between the states and the central government, with a unicameral legislature that protected the liberty of the individual states.

The preamble to the Constitution essentially says that the government’s functions are rooted in six simple ideological principles:

1.     Society

2.     Justice

3.     Peace

4.     Security

5.     Commonwealth and

6.     Freedom

Individual enrichment is a product of American society for sure, but it was never meant to be one of its  guiding purposes. That came much later.

Along the way,  the conservative meme became that greed, profit, or looking out for one’s self, to the exclusion of  the six principles above, is what this country stands for. But it seems counter-intuitive, much less provable, that it  had ever been the purpose for our ancestors’ exodus from one empire-building nation (Great Britain), only to form another in which we would all look out for only ourselves or our states and the hell with everybody else in this country.

Had that indeed been the purpose, why would our founders have decided to go to the trouble of shit-canning the 1st Constitution (The Articles of Confederation) and creating a Second document (The current Constitution) to properly communicate and supersede the values that they felt the first one glaringly omitted?

Tea Partiers, Ron and Rand Paul–Prepare to be Myth-Busted

The principles that came to be supplanted  in the Articles of Confederation can be attributed, primarily, to that greatest of all “Founding Fathers”. Ah yes, “The Founding Fathers” and their revered, infinite wisdom. The folks the radical right pretends to be so fond of quoting (when it suits their obsessions anyway). But by 1788, the head honcho Founding Father,  George Washington had had just about a bellyful of the lazy, southern overlords, enriching themselves with all available luxuries, while working their slaves like the animals they considered them to be, but would thumb their noses when it came to what was good for the country. Here’s why:

While calling on Congress to regulate military and monetary affairs,among other operating necessities,   the Articles of Confederation provided no mechanism with which to compel the States to comply with requests for either troops or revenue. At critical times, this left the military without adequate funding, supplies or even food for the country’s army because the southern colonies didn’t want to provide men, ammunition, or really anything…they were too busy making money off of their slave labor, and living the easy,  white southern lifestyle.

The Treaty of Paris (1783), which ended hostilities with Great Britain, actually languished in Congress for months because several southern state representatives failed to see the urgency to attend sessions of the national legislature to ratify it, despite ever-louder grumblings from England about taking back what they still considered their property…their colonies. In fact, the southern colonies had developed very profitable trade agreements with England and France supplying them with cotton, tobacco, indigo, and rice and were conflicted as to whether their allegiance was to America or their customers.

Congress, lacking power to enforce attendance, wasted precious time and money waiting, imploring, the southern “states” to do their part and come together for the common good…but ultimately to no avail.

So, in September 1783, George Washington complained that Congress was paralyzed (sound familiar?) by self-centered obstructionists. Mostly southern revolutionaries had gone to their respective home states after the war, and their local government and self-rule and it seemed quite satisfactory, no, preferable to them. They could control the local and state governments with their white privilege and money made off of free labor. They had money and guns and plenty of henchmen to enforce their will upon their 3/5 persons.

Ultimately, the Confederation’s southern contingents’  lack of cohesive power (meaning they were all too busy building enormous personal wealth on the blood, sweat and tears of their free slave labor to be bothered with governing) took its toll and it reduced the likelihood for profit to continue to be made because of growing  political arrangements between the governments of the United States and the south’s trading partners. Thus, potential leaders were uninspired to seek national prominence, content in their own serfdoms, and the new Constitution was ratified by all thirteen colonies. But the objections of Statists have apparently never actually subsided.

For the past three decades, the return to Stateism is the preferences under which the “conservative”, right-wing zealots have been trying successfully to steer the Republican Party. They long for the original Articles of Confederation which granted them the leeway to govern as they pleased without the encumbrances of equality, fair wages for women and minorities, or protection against violence for women. They see no reason to allow minorities, or even poor whites, to earn a living wage. They see no personal benefit to allow workers to form unions, or for government to break up monopolies.

I find it oddly curious that no one has equated the supporters of those Stateist principles set fort in the Articles of Confederation with the name of the group of states that tried to secede from the Union into the Confederate States of America, or simply The Confederacy.

You know, the ones who pontificate that the Civil War was NOT about slavery at all….it was about states rights; too much governmental control; and yes, the feeling that 1% of the population has every right to be the beneficiaries of the efforts of the other 99% for a pittance! Perhaps the Republican Party should adopt the name Confederate Party so that the return to those policies held in such high esteem could at least enjoy a historical reference point to its true origin.

Perhaps The Confederacy Will Rise Again

While incomes at the very top of the scale have sky-rocketed to levels beyond imagination, the average inflation-adjusted income of the bottom 90 percent of earners is lower in 2008 than it was back in 1973. This fact is often stated but somehow the Confederate Republicans manage to blame “government spending”, or “taking care of our own” as culprits rather than admirable traits.

The Republicans routinely try to undermine our public schools system in order to render the majority ignorant and therefore more pliable. The propaganda machine of right-wing radio, Fox News, Republican Governors, et al, have, feverishly since President Obama took office, set out to never let such an abomination happen again by  suppressing the vote, subjecting women back to second-class status, and forcing laws upon 99% of us that do not apply to themselves. They’ve taken laws to such extremes that in states with Republican governors and lawmakers, women cannot even choose what is best for themselves and their own lives even if they have been brutalized. All matters that the unsuspecting in America thought were judged unacceptable just a few decades ago are suddenly again in the Republican lexicon.

The American Dream that was a shining beacon of hope to the rest of the world a short 25 years ago will soon be reduced to crumbling highways, falling bridges, and fighting among those seeking a share of the scraps of the plantation owners who sit atop their penthouses and congratulate themselves on how close we’re coming to put the country back to the “good ole days” when women were for making babies and minorities were for handling the hard labor.

They’ve all but broken the unions, they ridicule women on AM Radio, and force them to have even have, god forbid, their rapists’ babies, while smoking their fat cigars and congratulating themselves on talking so many undereducated into voting against tier own interest. They call 47% of the population rubes, and lazy, and takers.

They’ve systematically convinced a large swath of southeners and other black helicopter nutjobs to vote against their own interests by stoking fear and hatred of anybody who isn’t white, and they’ve successfully armed and frightened enough people, even if it means sacrificing a few children to maniacs with AR-15s, to fight their war against the bad old government while they go about jerry-rigging the system so that they can win with a minority of the vote.

And what of the champions of the Democrats? The poeple who do care about the elderly, the poor, the minorities, the children being gunned down in the crossfires? They cave. They compromise. They betray their own base while the Confederate Republicans lie, cheat, and propagandize their way to the top of the heap. Ask Harry Reid, who didn’t even have the balls to challenge the ridiculous filabuster rules. Ask President Obama who didn’t see fit to try one single Wall Street Bankster who helped tank the country and steal billions from pensions and savings from the elderly and investors. Not one.

So The Confederate Republicans are getting just what they want.

A deeply divided, broke American public, begging for the few table scraps their massas’s might throw their way. Tht is, as long as we don’t act too uppity.

Harvey A. Gold


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