Today’s Liberal Beef? Enough With the “Obama-gates” Comparisons to Watergate

Today’s liberal beef? The GOP is so desperate to find something to hang on President Obama– in the hopes of somehow, someway tarnishing his Presidency– that virtually anything that happens in any agency, in any capacity, no matter how minor, becomes worthy of a “gate” designation; as in Watergate.

Now, for the record, let me reiterate a few of the major disappointments of my own with this current President.

  1. I desperately wanted to see an orange-clad perp-walk of Wall Street banksters after the 2008 crash. Didn’t happen. Not one. They got bonuses for pete’s sake!
  2. Obama is the worst negotiator is history! Thank gawd he didn’t negotiate the Louisiana Purchase or we’d be part of France….and I like my deodorant dammit….ooo lah frakking lah!
  3. Gitmo. ‘Nuff said.
  4. The explosion of privatized prison for profit which is the REAL reason marijuana is still illegal.

But then I read last weekend’s news reports about scandal politics “sweeping Washington.” Give me a damn break. I read, breathed, ate and studied about Watergate and Nixon for years. None of these “incidents” even rise to the level of the third-rate burglary and bugging of the Democratic National Committee’s  offices at the Watergate Hotel by three Cuban exiles who were hired by the uber-paranoid Richard Nixon’s henchmen E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy….much less come close to the full-blown high crimes and misdemeanors perpetrated by Nixon himself in the entirety of “Watergate”. Those atrocities  against the Constitution, separation of powers, abuse of the FBI and information-gathering on Americans  is unprecedented in modern American history. But nice try for the effort you bloviated GOP blowhards. Take your feigned outrage and shove it where the sun never shines; even down here in Dixieland. Americans do seem to have the memory span of my dead rose bushes however, so who knows? .

Only Republicans Can Act With This Much Hubris  

Watergate was about hubris, Vietnam and the ridiculous Domino Theory; The Kennedy Assassination; J. Edgar Hoover’s political spying  for Presidents on friends and enemies alike to solidify his own power; on the culture wars and the deep-seeded anger and ruthlessness — both within Nixon’s warped psyche and within his administration of thugs.

The current batch of so-called “gates” is about bureaucracies, the zeitgeist and garden variety political miscalculations. It pales in comparison to any one of Nixon’s most minor frontal assaults to the Constitution or his extreme paranoia that surely stemmed from his major role in McCarthyism or his first-hand knowledge of the chaos that could be fed to the trusting general public with fear and innuendo despite the complete absence of facts; which is EXACTLY how the GOP gets away with so much bullshit today.

George W. Bush’s administration was wrought with so many real scandals that one could barely begin to digest one before another sprung up, and yet he’s now venturing out of his shadowy sanctum sanctorum to dedicate libraries to his disgraces– and Darth Cheney has never left;–even after he stole a perfectly good heart that probably could’ve saved a child or at least someone in otherwise good health. That administration even created a medical condition known as “scandal exhaustion”…in just the first four years of GWB’s administration; to wit :

  1. False claims of weapons of mass destruction to justify invading Iraq
  2. Torture in Abu Ghraib
  3. The treasonous exposure of CIA Agent Valerie Plame by White House officials as awarning to others who might be tempted to come forward with the truth about Iraq and the corruption surrounding the decision to  that country for profit, not the war on terror.
  4. The illegal diversion of $700 million from Afghanistan to Iraq
  5. Republican staffers on the Senate Judiciary Committee illicitly accessed  5,000 computer files containing confidential Democratic strategy memos about President Bush’s judicial nominees.
  6. Darth Cheney’s illegal secret “Energy Summit” which was comprised of Oil Company Executives from which the price of oil grew steadily for the rest of the Bush administration.
  7. Darth Cheney’s Halliburton’s No-Bid Bonanza in Iraq and their organizing a scheme to overcharge the Army in Iraq $61 million for fuel costs
  8.   Wire-tapping the United Nations
  9. Antonin Scalia’s refusal to recuse himself from the Halliburton secret Energy Summit despite taking a duck-hunting trip with the vice president after the court agreed to weigh the matter

And these are just a few of the George W. Bush atrocities against the people.

Will The Other Shoe Drop? Sure, I Guess it Could

Bearing in mind that the other shoe may always drop,  it looks like what we have in the news is three distinct scandals, each  with a characteristic of a different aspect of American politics.

I see the Associated Press scandal as being the result of an ongoing  free-for-all between the press and the national security apparatus. There are also reports coming every day that there were classified documents being leaked either by or to the Associated Press which were endangering covert CIA operatives who had infiltrated al Queda; besides, the surveillance was perfectly legal under The Patriot Act that the Republicans loved so much—as long as it was their President using it.

The Internal Revenue Service scandal is a sign of too few employees, too many groups applying for tax-exempt status because of the absurd Citizen’s United / Antonin Scalia/Clarence Thomas debacle, and  gigantic confusion in the way the country regulates its non-profit groups. And the Benghazi scandal has been blown to hell by the always competent reporting of Richard Engle and the emails released by the Obama administration which clearly show that there was simply an inter-agency kerfuffle between the State Department and the CIA as to wording of released information so as not to endanger the covert operations ongoing against al Queda.

Of course all the GOP can do is put forth the effeminate Miss Lindsey Graham to profoundly bury us with facts like, “Well, something still just doesn’t feel right”. Please Senator, try not to be so technical and specific; I just can’t keep up with all those facts!!!

Finally, there is Benghazi — yet another kind of “scandal”….not! Turns out Ambassador Stevens specifically refused additional protection on two separate occasions just prior to the fateful 9/11, 2012 tragedy. Last night’s release of the Benghazi emails has pretty much doused whatever smoldering embers remained from the Benghazi ”scandal,” but the scandal “narrative” will live on, fed by serious lingering questions about IRS and Justice Department conduct. 

Game……….Set…………..and Match.

Once again, the bullshit spewed by GOP muck-rakers is nothing more than a way to keep their FEMA-Trailer-Fearful-Faithful in line.

Don’t Hate the Haters

You have to take the GOP’s delight in President Obama’s sorrow with a shrug of your shoulders, because for this tired old bunch of scandal-hunters this is more about their lust for scandal— ANY scandal with the slightest hint of involving the President—than anything else. Whether it’s the Birthers, or the Troofers, or the “pals around with terrorists”  likes of the tobakky-chewing, two-year Governor of Alaska–that government work must’ve been too much for her “momma-bear” toughness to handle, so she quit of course — they’ve been simply making bullshit up for years.

The fact that they now Think they Maybe have something Close To solid was no doubt going to make these sad, pathetic, souls happy.  Especially with the entire Fox Noise organization of failed weathermen and women stirring up the base as the unofficial news agency for the Republican National Committee. That’s to be expected.

What’s not to be expected — but has become depressingly predictable — is to watch liberals ripping their shirts apart and wringing their hands in their all too typical “woe-is-us” doom dance.

The overreaction is arduous and frankly embarrassing. Especially from Chris Matthews on MSNBC. He has now turned rudeness, over-talking his guests, and self-importance into something resembling Joe Blowhard Scarborough. I suppose it had to happen, but I don’t like it, and it’s not accomplishing anything.

And by the way, while we all sit in front of our favorite news– I’m sorry, our favorite Entertainment Company’s Profit Center Focused on Current Events –channel enthralled by the Jodi Arias story, or whether O.J. has gained weight in prison, massage your memory and think back to 2010 and the influx of Republicans into the House of Representatives who rode in on the promise of job creation and putting the millions of long-term unemployed back to work. Since that elections, here’s how they’ve fulfilled their own promises:

  1. voted 36 times to repeal Obamacare.
  2. Voted name changes for over 40 Post Offices.
  3. Turned their full-time, full-paid, jobs, with life-long healthcare and pensions into a 126-work-day-year
  4. Tried to declare contraception and pro-choice as unconstitutional, despite Supreme Court rulings to the contrary

Now THAT’s  a scandal of EPIC proportion.

Miss Lindsey Graham I don’t know about you, but something just doesn’t feel right about that.


Harvey A. Gold

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