Truth: Ladies, The GOP Doesn’t Care If You’re Raped

Ladies, I’m sorry, but The Republican Party simply does not care if you are raped, beaten, have no health insurance, or even if you die needlessly in a hospital; you are as expendable as any other blockade to their obsessions and self-righteousness. The white male party simply considers you a throw-away commodity and considers their moral judgement superior to yours.

Now, let’s think about this brash statement for a minute a minute and you tell me in the comment section below if you think I’m stating a this inaccurately.

If you are a woman in the military, fighting for your country, you are on your own for whatever the male members of the military want to do to you. Beat you, harass you, or rape you and the only ramifications for the perpetrators are mostly white male officers determine if you are worth protecting, much less punishing your attacker. Instead,  they drum you out with no honor, no respect and expect you to shut the hell up and take it or get out.

If you are a civilian woman, the GOP wants to put fewer policemen on the streets that could help keep you from being beaten or raped, especially if you work at night, like nurses.

They want to make any kind of  IWMD (Individual Weapon for Men’s Delight) available so that criminals can be armed to the teeth when they gun down you, your wife, or your female children; and they  figure white males can take care of themselves because there is not a gun produced that they don’t feel you should be able to carry–they think anyone should be able to carry pocket-bazookas if they want to.

They run candidates like “legitimate rape” Todd Akin, “something God intended” Richard Mourdock, and “I know a woman who was raped, kept the child and doesn’t regret it”, or “the rape thing doesn’t justify abortion”, John Koster; and they  are just the ones you have heard of say these things on camera.

In October 2012, a beautiful young Indian dentist living in Ireland died a tragic, preventable, and inhumane death of septicemia in her 17th week of pregnancy at Galway University Hospital in West Ireland due to an infection she developed–despite begging doctors to terminate her unviable fetus. Her name was Savita Halappanavar.

Ireland, which has a constitutional ban on abortion, makes it almost  impossible for doctors to carry out terminations even in cases where a woman’s life is in imminent danger. Unfortunately it took the international shame directed at Ireland because of the circumstances of Halappanavar’s death, to  finally prod the Irish government into rethinking its “no way, never, not in this country” stance on abortion, and it is begrudgingly in the process of pushing through a law that would allow terminations in some (very limited) circumstances.

Ironically though, just as Ireland has begun the slow process of digging its way out of the shit hole where women’s reproductive and human rights have long been buried, red states across America are cranking up their Caterpillars to make the U.S. ready, willing, and able to take up their slack.

In a vacuum rivaled only by the GOP’s insistence in pushing harder and harder for austerity and cutting governmental agency budgets in exactly the same way that has put the Eurozone and the UK in protracted and deep recessions–actual Depressions in Spain, Italy and Portugal–they are also pushing harder and harder to put the U.S. into the same inexcusable position that Ireland finds itself.

Texas Leading but in the Wrong Direction

This week in Texas, a second special session is in progress–called by outgoing Governor and proud good ole boy, Rick Perry(yes, the same doofus that in the span of 12 months first called for Texas to secede from “The Union”, then ran for President of “The Union”, neither successfully)– in which it is all but certain that a highly restrictive abortion bill, now known as SB1, will finally be passed. It took a dramatic 11-hour long filibuster by Democratic state senator Wendy Davis, helped along by an “unruly mob” of pro-choice demonstrators who using what Lt Governor David Dewhurst described as “occupy Wall Street tactics”, to block a previous version of the bill.

Protesters continue to stampede the Texas capitol building as the second special session continues, but there are more than enough votes in the Republican-controlled legislature to pass the bill and Governor Perry has already made it clear that when SB1 reaches his desk, he will waste no time in signing it into law.

When that happens, it will mean that no abortions may be performed in the state of Texas after the 20th week of pregnancy. Doctors who are willing to perform abortions will have to have hospital admitting privileges within 30 miles of their clinic (most do not). Women who opt to take any pregnancy-inhibiting or abortion-inducing drugs will have to do so in the presence of a doctor instead of at home. And last but not least, all but 5 of the 42 abortion facilities currently operating in Texas will be forced to close as they will be unable to meet the new requirements to upgrade to Ambulatory Surgical Center standards.

Cumulatively, these restrictions mean that the majority of women living in Texas will be simply unable to obtain an abortion in their state and opponents rightfully fear that a backstreet abortion industry will inevitably be the result. In a stark demonstration to illustrate this point, Texas democrats showed up at the senate hearing this past  Tuesday carrying wire hangers…not that it mattered to the white males who don’t have to worry about such things. These idiots make me ashamed to be a white male in America.

Extreme as these new restrictions on abortion in Texas will be, however, they are not unusual in present day Red-State America. So far, 12 states with GOP-controlled legislatures have passed similar laws banning abortions after 20 weeks. Arizona won’t allow abortions after 18 weeks and North Dakota leads the pack with a ban on abortion after six weeks.

In the Midwest, Ohio, widely viewed as purple, and in the most progressive southern state, North Carolina, have both experienced GOP legislatures succeeding in clandestine methods of sneaking through abortion restrictions similar to the ones about to be imposed in Texas.

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin also signed a new abortion bill into law that requires women to get an ultrasound before obtaining the procedure and bans doctors who lack admitting privileges at nearby hospitals from performing abortions. A judge has temporarily blocked elements of that law, and it’s likely that other state laws will also likely face legal challenges but the trajectory is pretty clear – women’s reproductive rights in many parts of America are under attack like never before.

So-called anti-choicers are clearly rejoicing with these various results. And if the Texas legislature, as expected, passes SB1 this week, they will be breaking out the party favors as they continue to outmaneuver and out-spend the women’s rights groups, with the obvious intention of making abortion illegal altogether in America.

So along with Americans the GOP already considers expendable–hispanics, blacks, asians, and non-Christians–they are now throwing women onto that same bonfire.

The GOP’s Success Will Sentence Many Women in the U.S to the Same Tragedies Like the Ones In Ireland

Being a white male, I feel oddly obligated to point out that eliminating safe and legal abortions will neither get rid of the need for the procedure nor stop women from obtaining abortions even though the safety of hospital expertise and compassion will be removed from the equation. What will happen is that more women will endure trauma and hardship as they try to cope with unwanted pregnancies or complications arising from problem pregnancies.

Ireland is a perfect example of what happens when abortions are unavailable. Every day approximately 12 Irish women make their trail-of-tears journey to the UK to obtain an abortion. Many of them are carrying fetuses with fatal abnormalities; many of them have been warned by their doctors that their health or even their lives will be at risk if they carry their babies to term; many are pregnant as a result of rape or incest; and yes, many are suicidal because of the predicament the callous, unsympathetic, white,  self-righteous males have put them in.

Still other women who simply can’t face that trip or can’t afford to go at all, will try unsafe alternatives from unscrupulous exploiters offering phony drugs online that are being touted as safe and humane ways to induce an abortion. If or when complications arise, these poor women avoid going to hospitals when the courses of action they are forced to choose between go horribly awry because they fear criminal charges.

Worst of all, women, like Savita Halavappaner, who don’t have the luxury of time, money, or wherewithal to journey to a foreign country when they find themselves in need of an emergency termination will die needlessly taking their unborn child, whether living or unviable, with them. A “two-fer” for the GOP I suppose–one less woman and one less insignificant blockade to their gruesome, anti-women, anti-poor, anti-Hispanic, anti-anybody-but-white-male agenda.

This is the reality of life for women in the abortion-free Nirvana that the GOP seeks for the U.S. and which is already being regretted in Ireland.

I simply cannot think of a single encouraging thing to say about the Texas law or any of the comparable laws that have been rammed through GOP-controlled state legislatures–most in the dead of night or in some similarly clandestine manner–by mostly white males who consider their opinions as sacrosanct and superior, despite the dire consequences for women OR their rights under the Constitution that these same hypocrites claim to hold to such a high position of infallibility when it comes to owning IWMDs (Individual Weapons of Mass Destruction).

I suppose when one can’t count higher than two –Governor Perry certainly proved he can’t in front of all America during one of his excruciatingly painful displays of stupidity while running for President–whether it’s Constitutional Amendments or government agencies he and the rest of his good-ole-boy-GOP cronies would just as soon eradicate haphazardly, everything that comes after “two” or “2nd”  is apparently irrelevant…including the rights, lives, and health of American mothers, daughters, and sisters.


Harvey A. Gold

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