Capitalism? Democracy? Not If The GOP Has Anything to Say About It

Let’s face it, as far as a real democracy or capitalism goes, the GOP has done everything they can possibly do to destroy them both for at least 47% of Americans.

Harsh language? Harsh reality.

The GOP has lost national elections for the last 20 years. The activist Supreme Court won in 2000 after all, not the GOP. After the failure of Bush/Cheney on 9-11, Americans were too spooked to do anything but stay the course in 2004, so I guess the boogie-man won that one. And gawd didn’t we regret it?

In any event, the GOP has apparently decided that since they can no longer win the popular vote nationally, they’ll do what they do best; lie, cheat, steal, or scare the hell out anybody that gets in their way. And they’ll settle for taking control of one state at a time proclaiming that it’s about “state’s rights” or “Patriotism” or some other blatant bullshit. Yeah, and the Civil War wasn’t about slavery…..rrrriiighttttt.

They’ve re-drawn districts so that despite Democrats winning a state’s popular vote, they still lose a majority of the Congressional seats. I’m sorry, that’s not a democracy…unless you count places like Russia or North Korea as a democracy too.

The Democrats are just as frustrating. They’ve allowed ALEC to outmaneuver them state after state until there’s very little hope that they’ll ever catch up.

Take the roll-back in women’s rights, minority voting rights, economic inequality, etc.; the Democrats are being out-played, out-strategized and out-propagandized–despite having the good of the middle class, minorities, women and anyone else that isn’t trying to steal the rest of us into cardboard boxes– on their side. 

I wish the news were better but look at 2010. Democrats sat back after their big-ass Obama victory and turned around and sat out the 2010 mid-terms, allowing the ridiculous and profane Tea Party to take over the GOP and many states; and they’ve driven the GOP so far right that Ronald Reagan couldn’t win a primary in this GOP.

It’s like with Jesus. Jesus was poor, spoke out against everything that the GOP represents, was killed for it, but they are the religious, Christian party? Help me Rhonda, that’s just wrong.

The abject racism that has kicked out even moderate Republicans trying to do waht’s best for the country, is so prevalent that, as a southern liberal who has seen the KKK morph over and over, it’s obvious to me that they simply traded their stupid-looking white sheets for stupid-looking 3-corner hats with Lipton bags dangling from them. And instead of burning crosses they use vaginal probes and forced pregnancies–even to women who have suffered the brutal, life-altering crimes of race and incest…the most heinous crimes short of torture that human being can inflict on another human being.

And they claim they want small government, but what they really want is a small electorate, so the few can decide who can vote, who has to have unwanted pregnancies and who can live a decent life in this country–while arminng thier minions like traitorous small armies for the eventual overthrow of the U.S. government. Yes sir, now there’s some “patriots” for ya. You betcha Failin Palin!! Have ya another chew of tobbacky and tell me why you quit the only real job you ever had–Governor of Alaska–to fight the good fight.

What I wouldn’t give for Obamacare to give us all a Palin-ectomy.

No, that’s not democracy in action. That’s tyranny.

The GOP Successful Assault on Capitalism Defies All Logic

And if you think the U.S. is a model of Capitalism or “free markets”, you’d better check your meds. Yes, fifty years ago maybe we were the shiny example of what capitalism could do, but capitalism unregulated and unrestrained, has literally run this country into the ground.

Like the banner on this website states in no uncertain terms, “Capitalism ONLY works if greed and avarice are offset by laws and regulations to prevent fraudulent and deceptive practices.”

And the GOP has convinced half the country that regulations kill economies. What really kills economies are monopolies, and that’s what they’ve been building. When was the last time anyone even mentioned the Sherman Anti-Trust Act?

                                                                                                                                                             Capitalism Unrestrained Killed Detroit

Let’s take the sad example of the once sterling home of soul music and muscle cars: Detroit, Michigan.

The automobile-driven economic growth of the 1950s and 1960s made Detroit a globally recognized symbol of successful capitalist renewal after the great depression and the WWII (1929-1945). High-wage auto industry jobs with real security and consummate benefits were said to prove capitalism’s ability to generate and sustain a large “middle class”, one that could even include <gasp> African Americans.

Auto-industry jobs became inspirations and models for what workers across America, hell, the world, would seek–and in many instances acquire – the birth of a modern “American Dream”.

True, quality jobs in Detroit were pried–like guns from Charlton Heston’s cold dead hands– from the automobile conservatives by long, hard union struggles, especially across the 1930s. Once defeated in those struggles, conservatives at the top of the automobile industry quickly arranged to rewrite the history so that good wages and working conditions became something they “gave” to their workers—similar to the way Bush/Cheney and the GOP were the only ones who could keep us safe, despite the the fact that THEY WERE THE ONES caught with their shorts around their ankles on 9/11. But that was Bill Clinton’s fault for pete’s sake. Yeah, that makes sense, but only if you listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the like.

In any case, Detroit became a vibrant, world-class city in the 1950s and 1960s; its distinctive culture and sound influenced the world’s music as much as its cars shaped America’s burgeoning love affair with their cars.

But over the past 40 years, the lack of real capitalism turned that success into the abject failure culminating now in the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history; in a state where the GOP legislature and the GOP Governor decided that if a city has some money problems they can simply throw out all elected officials and insert a patsy to funnel all the what’s left of the city to their own pockets.

The key executives and community leaders – major shareholders in General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, etc, and the boards of directors they selected – made one terrible decision after another; largely due to the greed and avarice mentioned in the quote above.

 They failed in competition with Japanese automobile forward-thinkers and lost market share to them time and time again. They reacted instead of leading; they countered too slowly and ignored the need to innovate and develop new fuel-efficient expertise. They allowed the GOP to convince them that oil would be forever protected for them, whether it meant war or dubious, dangerous allies. They convinced them not to worry and to just keep making those gas-guzzling, atmosphere-destroying cars and trucks. They’d handle the politics of keeping their fuel for those pollution machines cheap and plentiful and if anything went wrong they’d blame the tree-hugging, business-killing Democrats.

But worst of all, they reacted to their own failures and short-sighted trust in ruthless politicians by deciding to move production out of Detroit so they could pay other workers lower wages, with fewer benefits, and without those damn unions to give them grief.

The automobile companies’ failures to compete, innovate and lead rather than follow had two key economic consequences.

  1. First, they in point of fact undermined the economic foundation of Detroit’s economy.
  2. In doing so, they thereby destroyed any chance for an enduring U.S. middle class.

The past 40 years have demonstrated the aftermath and the GOP’s remarkable political deceptions regarding true capitalism.

The Real Reason Gasoline is So High Right Now-The GOP and Corn

That’s right, corn.

Even as the U.S. produces more oil than at any time since 1992, gasoline remains a dollar higher than the average for the past decade in part because of George W. Bush-era rules that attach a 38-digit Renewable Identification Number to every gallon of ethanol.

Gasoline prices at service stations have risen an average 12 percent this year even as benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude climbed 1 percent. Part of the reason is the 10-fold increase in the cost of credits that refiners from Valero Energy Corp. (VLO) to Marathon Petroleum Corp. (MPC) must buy to comply with the 2007 law designed to boost ethanol consumption.

It’s bastardized our markets off into some cosmic market that has nothing to do with supply and demand. Peyton Feltus, president of Randolph Risk Management Inc., an energy-consulting firm in Dallas.

But for all our analysis and rationalization that strife in the Middle East, summer driving season and growing overseas demand from places like China are keeping crude oil prices high, David Lutz, head of ETF trading at Stifel, Nicolaus says we’re looking in the wrong place.

He says as long as U.S. gasoline consumption is going up, the 10% ethanol blend mandate “is not a problem.” However, he points out that American gasoline usage is currently down and has been falling for the past four years, and recently reached a 13-year low. As a result, Lutz says refiners have hit “the Blend Wall.”

“It has created a situation where refiners have to mix 10% ethanol into the gasoline they make — even though the market can’t consume it all,” he says, noting that most vehicles on the road today can’t handle any more than E-10, as the mixed gasoline is known.

Now here’s the tricky part. In order to adhere to this federal mandate, Lutz says, refiners have been buying ethanol credits, known as RINs (Renewable Identification Numbers), to offset their obligations. Predictably, this surge in demand for RINs has pushed the price to record highs.

So there you have it.

The U.S. version of Democracy no longer abides by the tenet that the party with the most votes wins elections in the U.S.

Capitalism no longer exists in the U.S. because corporate welfare and quotas are more important to the GOP than human beings.

What kind of a society gives a relatively tiny number of people the position and power to make corporate decisions impacting millions in and around Detroit while it excludes those millions from participating in those decisions?

When those capitalists’ decisions condemn Detroit to 40 years of disastrous decline, what kind of society relieves those capitalists of any responsibility to help rebuild that city?

The obvious answer to these questions: no genuinely democratic economy could or would work that way.

Harvey A. Gold

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