If Democrats Lose the Midterms It’s Their Own Fault

Let me be brutally honest; if the Democrats lose like they’re supposed to lose according to polls, they have nobody to blame but themselves.2011-09-08-political-filler-lite-jobs-great-less-taxing

With the GOP’s intensely anti-Main Street meme, how the hell can Republicans not be getting strung up in effigy across the entire span of middle-class America? How have they managed to hoodwink the very people they most ignore and continually persuade people to vote against their own best interests?

Allow me to tell you how.

  1. The televised media

For all the grousing and grumbling about the “Lamestream Media” and the “Liberal Bias” in the media today, the conservatives have all but taken over all televised news outlets. Fox is by far the worst of the worst, yet through constant fear-mongering and downright lies, they attract the largest audiences consistently. Of course that audience is mainly old, white and male…just like the GOP. The three major networks have seen their actual “news” departments reduced to thirty minutes a day, with twenty-five of those minutes devoted to puff pieces. Outside 60 Minutes, if you’re looking for in-depth reporting, you won’t find it on televised networks because the news departments operate under the thumbs of entertainment executives that just want ratings. What we have is “professional” news that is amazingly similar to “professional” wrestling…or maybe “professional” cock-fighting….the wackier and more bloody the better.

          2. Democrats’ politicians are halfhearted…and that’s being kind.

I mean, even when democrats win elections, they don’t take control of the post-election narrative, as victors normally do. If the actual politicians with a “D” after their names were anywhere in the vicinity of being as feisty, as dogged, or as dedicated as their base, political races wouldn’t be the nerve-wracking mess they are for the voters who depend on the causes they are supposed to represent. They start slowly then fade quickly after Election Day…that is until they start filling up our email begging for money and boo-hooing their demise. True enough, even the conservative activist Unsupreme Court rulings, like Citizens United don’t even attempt to hide the activist conservatives’ bias; any fool with a high school diploma knows that money DOES NOT equal SPEECH…MONEY EQUALS PROPERTY—but the Democrats in Congress simply don’t have the back bone to publicly fight the ruling.

For pete’s sake Congressional Democrats, earn your pay. Tilt at those windmills damn it. Quit relying on MSNBC to do your fighting for you….they aren’t up to the task. They’re owned by the same Comcast that owns ultra-conservative CNBC and the most inept network news department of all, NBC.

Democrats don’t even bother to publicly challenge the specious charges or policy misrepresentations from their opponents. They let those charges and blatant misrepresentations stand, creating a body of false factoids that’re used against them in their respective next election. It’s no wonder they’re always on the defensive and on their heels.

         3. Democrats don’t defend their leaders, the president, or even each other.

All of which the unrelenting Republicans do so very much better. That political races are even close is as much to blame on the Democrats’ lack of fight as the Republicans’ lack of honor, truth, or basic fairness. Democrats, you’re turning the other cheek at your constituencies’ expense.

What else but Dems’ lack of collective spine explains how Republicans have convinced much of the public that it was Mr. Obama, not Mr. Bush, who wrecked the economy? That Obamacare is a total disaster, when, even though the rollout was poorly excuted, Obamacare now insures millions of previously uncovered Americans, and it provides for better insurance for everyone via the eradication of pre-existing condition exemptions while, contrary to Republican claims, has quantifiably brought down healthcare costs?

How else do we explain what most Americans don’t even know….that Mr. Obama has reduced the deficit–which is typically what the “deficit-hating” Republicans hammer Democrats for when it goes up. Hell, it is projected to end in a surplus when Obama leaves office–just as it did when Bill Clinton left office—despite the abject mess the budget and the economy was in the day Obama set foot in office.

The truth of the matter is, despite the all-negative-all-the-time propaganda we’ve been fed by Republicans and the televised media, facts show that Mr. Obama’s term in office to date has been one of, if not the most, dramatic economic turnarounds in U.S. history…despite the stated objective of the Republicans to obstruct anything Obama wants whether it’s good for the country or not.  The Republicans even shut down the government—that cost the U.S. $24 million—managed to almost ruin the U.S. stellar credit ratings over nothing but hyper-partisanship, and brought nothing whatsoever in the way of alternatives to any bill they obstructed.

I’ll bite my tongue and abstain in lamenting that the entire unnecessary war in Iraq was put on the American credit card despite Darth Cheney’s assurances that Iraqi oil would pay for the war, but how can Democrats run from Mr. Obama, who has brought unemployment down, despite unrelenting obstructionism from Republicans on job bills or increasing minimum wages?

So I ask: What the hell is the matter with Democrats? Why can’t Democrat politicians bow up and at least control their narrative? Why do they run from their achievements like Obamacare? Why can’t they fight at least as hard as their constituents?

Republicans rail against and bemoan government intrusions into citizens’ lives, but then turn around and demand the right to dictate everything from contraception to which religion must be treated as preferable. If these so-called constitutionalists aren’t hypocrites I’d like to know when the definition of hypocrite changed.

But personally, I’m most disappointed in the Democrats who abandoned Mr. Obama early and on the flimsiest of reasons – like, he didn’t change our nasty politics and make everyone play nice. So he was supposed to do that by himself so you can sit back and keep your political hands clean?

Where the hell are his defenders beating back the hysterics in the GOP tagging him as “President Ebola”? The panty-waist Democrats could have at least demonstrated that Congress, over the last 10 years, has made steep funding cuts to the CDC, blocked his nomination of a Surgeon General and slashed funding to the National Institutes of Health.

Then there are the “leading from behind” charges: Mr. Obama has tried, without support, to get the U.S. out of the Middle East, which is what most Americans want, Democrat and Republican alike[except of course the bitter-old-coots John McCain and Lindsey Graham]. So why do the Democrats in Congress let those charges stand? And where’s the kudos for saving the American automobile industry, an archetypal American industry, that’s now thriving?

If the politicians who claim to be Democrats pushed back harder at GOP fear-mongering and hysteria, there’d be a helluva lot less toxic politics than what we have now.

Democrats have yet to learn how much fun it is to fight. If it isn’t your cup of tea get the hell out and let someone take your place who will fight for their constituents. Fighting — especially fighting the good fight such as ours — is not grim, it’s liberating. Lazy, spineless politicians and the harm they do with their cowering inaction is what’s grim.

I confess, I am baffled at the power of Republican vehemence and the lack of it in Democrats. Republicans have proved wrong, more wrong, and damn wrong about so many things. But the most glaring ones are how to fix a broken economy, and the unnecessary war in Iraq that, despite their denials, stirred up the Sunni-Shia hatreds now tearing the Middle East apart and that plunged America into the truly disgusting and shameful practice of torture.

And when the GOP’s not plain wrong, they’re hypocritical: The party of “family values” hurts so many families economically….white, black, and every color in between. The Democrats’ agenda is far more humane while remaining sensible, yet where’s the corresponding enthusiasm for their being the good guys?

I’m so sick and tired of hearing how important it is for us to get the vote out, yet the Democrats sit on their asses and let Republicans do everything in their power to keep their opponents’ supporters from voting.

To get Democrats to vote, I suppose I could espouse the well-known, but often overlooked, history of our ancestors and all that they endured to ensure every citizen’s right to vote. I could praise the hard-working party volunteers who, to compensate for their indifferent Democratic cohorts, are tripling-down on their efforts to get enough Democrats off their couches and into the voting booths. I could bemoan voters in states where they don’t even have to bother to visit a voting booth but receive their ballots by mail, yet still don’t vote!

I could also remind Democrat voters that, if your ears still bleed from all the Republican screeching, fear-mongering, faux-concern, and obsession about Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi–or the myriad other issues above—but just can’t be bothered to get off your butts and vote, then you deserve exactly what you’re going to get…everything that I mentioned above…to the power of ten if the despicable GOP tactics succeed.

So vote. Stay on your Democrat representatives asses. If you can’t do the bare minimum and get off your asses and vote….just STFU, because you’re just as bad as they are and you’ll get what you deserve.

Harvey A. Gold