Democratic Socialism for Dummies

A lesson in economics for those of you who think you know what Democratic Socialism is or isn’t: You’re welcome, I did the work for you, all you gotta do is read for 5 minutes…I used everybody’s favorite pastime, football to get it to sink in over the blather you might hear from idiot politicians or paid idiot pundits who don’t understand it either…..socialism

Democratic Socialism essentially is –we give everybody the same bowl of candy to start with. Some of you kids are gonna eat it all in one night, probably be sick and then starve unless we show you the error of your ways. We’ll help you get well, call you an idiot and then you’re gonna hafta earn another bowl before you get any more, but we’re not gonna let you starve. You’ll be hungry, but if you work hard enough you can still make it. We just dont make you live in a cardboard box and say fuck you, you had your chance.

The NFL or any major college sports conference (let’s use the SEC) works essentially the same way.

SEC—We give you a starting point, share the profits from logos, merchandising, teevee contracts, etc. That’s how small colleges (let’s say State and Ole Miss) can compete with huge colleges like Tennessee, Florida,etc.even with their respective donors helping out. Bowl teams get more of the money from bowl games, but everybody gets a small share from the bowls. Everybody can stay competitive if they manage their money and talent well.

Same in the NFL only they go further into Democratic Socialism. The teams have salary caps, individual players have minimum salaries, players’ union for collective bargaining (and as they prove their worth can demand more), teams also share merchandising, logo, and teevee $$, etc. And the real bugger is each year the draft of new players goes in the order of worst team picks first from the available pool of talent, best team picks last, unless they work out trades, etc. for better picks). It’s why the same two teams don’t go to the Superbowl every year. In fact, repeat SB winners are rare. But it stays ultra-competitve because everybody gets something and if they use it wisely they win.If not they stay alive for 20-30 yrs til they wise up (let’s use the former paper-bag-over-the-head Saints who couldn’t fill 1/4 of the Superdome as an example). It’s how Seattle can win, the Saints (with the smallest market of all) can win, and the huge markets like New York dont always dominate.

Everbody has nice stadiums, the seats aren’t crumbling, individual vendors hire people to sell over-priced shitty food to th fat-asses in the stand, all the merchandise vendors hire people to make stupid cheese heads and shit…jobs a’plenty for everyone involved.

Democratic Socialism gives everybody a chance. It’s not throwing all the money in the pot and everybody gets an equal share, but everybody gets enough to stay alive and play for another day, and maybe, just maybe get a taste at the top, and all the while everybody makes money,some make a lot, but everybody makes money.

Democratic Socialism and profits are not mutually exclusive as both examples above illustrate.

Apologies to my brother for using fu’bol as the examples but most people dont get it, they label it and move on, unless you put it in terms they can understand.

It’s time to quit listenng to idiot pndits and idiot politicians and let economists run the economy.

Bernie Sanders….‪#‎FeeltheBern‬

Harvey Gold