The Rebranded Lethal Tea Party With Trump As Its Leader

Ever since the tea party became a media draw in American politics in 2010, the anti-government folks’ favorite grumble is how the Constitution has been desecrated over the years by presidents, Congress and the courts.teaparty

It is a meme heard daily on radio and TV talk shows, mostly by conservatives or racists or anyone who needs an audience howling about the Obama administration, and throughout the media, you know, that dastardly “liberal media” which has completely ignored the only liberal running for President: Bernie Sanders.

And those making the biggest stink, literally and metaphorically, are the idiots who cherry pick what they like (read: the 2nd Amendment…and they even get that wrong) as though they are constitutional scholars, having read and comprehended every line and understand the sacred document far better than the jurists who are authorized by that very Constitution to interpret its meaning. I’d actually be surprised if they understand the intricacies of Marvel comics.

And now we have the occurrence of Donald Trump and a vocal, zealous following who have finally found the savior they have sought to bring us back from the abyss of a government that has lost its way and forgotten the principles of the Constitution.

A study of his following, and a careful review of Trump’s rallies, to me show just how the politics in this country have gone awry, and to a large extent I blame the tea party frenzy and the whore-ish cable media for taking us down this bizarre and dangerous road.

The tea party, which actually began on legitimate principles (George Bush’s and Barak Obama’s bailout of crooked investment banks and the insurance company who broke the law but never prosecuted), has become an amalgamation of just angry groups—-who, if they were any race except white would be properly called insurgents—whether they be religious fundamentalists who fear the country has become anti-God, frustrated folks who believe they would have better jobs and lives if we weren’t overrun by immigrants, gun-rights advocates who think for some inexplicable reason that we don’t have enough gun rights in this country, or, to mention the elephant (pun intended) in the room, the racists who can’t stand the fact we have a black president in the White House.

They have all found a home in the tea party. And they are all angry. And Donald Trump is smart enough to recognize that. He has tapped into it and it has worked for him…and against the Republican “establishment”.

Trump has said he wants to ban all Muslims from coming into the country, at least temporarily. He also has said he wants to require that all Muslims in the United States, including U.S. citizens, be registered as Muslims.

To be fair, most of the other Republican presidential candidates have repudiated that idea, noting correctly how unconstitutional it is. Most responsible Republicans also have denounced the notion of registering citizens on the basis of their religion. It’s the very definition of fascism, but don’t confuse his base with the truth.

And Trump’s base of insurgent, even traitorous “Patriots” has embraced and endorsed the idea. And let’s face it. Trump’s base is the largest single base among the various factions in the Republican Party so far in this election cycle.

If you look at that all the white, angry faces at Trump rallies and observe them in social media; if you listen to the rhetoric, (being shamefully given free air time nightly on MSNBC and CNN) it is clear that a large percentage of that base is adamant about their gun rights and any regulation of gun ownership—even background checks—and any type of control to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people—like the seditious gang of Bundy-led thugs currently occupying and empty federal building in Oregon— while recruiting others to join their domestic terrorism group is “bad”. These idiots don’t want to understand what is or isn’t constitutional—or that the 2nd Amendment explicitly gives the right to bear arms to well-regulated militias, not every crackpot who wants to take the law into his own hands .

Trump is igniting the same mind set that led Timothy McVeigh, another white domestic terrorist, to leave the burnt-out shell of a building that was the Murrah Federal Building in the wake of hatred and anger.

But when it comes to the First Amendment, according to Trump’s supporters, infringing is OK.

The language of that amendment also is clear: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

That means the government cannot favor one religion over others, and it cannot stop or interfere with the practice of any religion, as they all are equal under the law.

Making Muslims register with the government is about as blatant a violation of that amendment as you can get.

Yet the Trump nuts are all for it while at the same time screaming that any talk of gun control is violating their constitutional rights.

It’s the epitome of hypocrisy, it reeks of Civil War (which, if you notice is the same antigovernment rhetoric that lead up the one in the 1860s) rather than civil and honest disagreement.

If honest, respectful, lawful citizens don’t get off their asses and vote this election cycle, and if they sit back and do nothing hoping it blows over, I’ve got news for them. They are no better than the people who did the same thing that resulted in the run up to WWII.

And I beg that people remember what Edmund Burke warned, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”

Harvey A. Gold