Welcome to Progress HG-Formerly Liberalbeef

Thanks for visiting my new web site. After six years of trying to help spread facts, statistics, and opinions based in fact, (under the name Liberalbeef) rather than the propaganda and fluff you get from the vast majority of right-wing or Corporate-owned media, I have transitioned from my former site into a new, more professional look and feel under a new name, ProgressHG.

I enlisted (begged) for the aid of some good friends at LiveNewsChat.tv who own and operate the best place for 24/7 real-time news and moderated chat on the Web, (follow on Twitter @livenewscloud), the most comprehensive and professionally staffed source of live streaming news on the Web. They understood how to design and maintain a website much better than I and the result is the new incarnation, ProgressHG. My goal is to provide accurate information on the alarming changing nature and co-dependence between governmental economics and political expediency.

Thanks for visiting and be sure to check out LiveNewsCloud at www.livenewschat.eu, where you can simply watch, or watch and enjoy moderated chat with other news watchers. 

Harvey Gold