Giulliani Latest Republican to Show Blatant Racism

With all the shootings of both black people and police from Minnesota to Louisiana, politicians have been looking for either the right way to respond to the violence or the politically expedient way. There were many individuals, both politicians and celebrities, who sought to ratchet down the inflammatory rhetoric and advocate that, as a country, we can both grieve for the victims and hope for police reform…they are NOT mutually exclusive. I applaud those individuals.Rudy

Unfortunately there were others who said to themselves, hmmm, how can I promote myself and to hell with making things less divisive. Take the always juvenile New York Post, whose headline exclaimed, “CIVIL WAR, FOUR COPS KILLED IN ANTI-POLICE PROTEST”. I can’t say that I’m surprised, I’m just glad they didn’t say, “OH YAY, CIVIL WAR!!!” Those individuals disgust me, and if you were any sort of empathetic human being they’d disgust you too.

As it turns out, the Dallas Police Department is widely acclaimed for not only its efforts to reform, but for how they actively seek to protect protesters and citizens in equal measure, just as they were doing when five DPD officers were killed by a lunatic sniper. But the vitriol and angry rhetoric from politicians and certain “news” outlets seeking to further only their own bottom line or their “standing” helps no one. While many politicians offered calming and responsible words of encouragement we had others who only displayed their ignorance, selfishness and racist idiocy.

Take the often obsequious, but always disgusting Rudi Giuliani, who complained in the most infuriating way possible, and said to Brian Williams, “Because the real danger to you is that black kid who is going to shoot you on the street because that happens many, many more times than police officers. Let’s talk about it honestly.” Honestly?. That’s rich Rudy. You are morally bankrupt.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, he went further on CBS’s Face the Nation, “If I were a black father and I was concerned about the safety of my child, really concerned about it and not in a politically activist sense, I would say be very respectful to the police, most of them are good, some can be very bad and just be very careful,” he said. “I’d also say be very careful of those kids in the neighborhood, don’t get involved with them because son, there’s a 99 percent chance they’re going to kill you not the police.”

Now, as Seth Myers so accurately said about Rudy’s idiotic statement, “If you have to start a sentence with, “If I were a black father” it means you aren’t a black father and have no business saying it, so just shut the f*ck up”. Ghoulish-ani even went on to say that the Black Lives Matter movement is racist, because if he had an organization called White Lives Matter it would be racist.

He’s ignorant on so many fronts in saying that, it staggers me. Everything in our culture and practice already screams White Lives Matter, from incarceration rates and sentences for identical serious crimes, to how they’re treated at traffic stops. It’s hard facts that blacks are disproportionally mistreated by the U.S. criminal justice system. And nobody, anywhere in the world, has to wonder where the U.S. stands on white people. It’s pretty obvious to even the most racist of the privileged people.

He also wrongly imagines that Black Lives Matter inherently implies that only black lives matter. Assuming the word only in any context is just stupid. That’s like assuming when you see a sign outside a 7-11 that sells Lottery tickets, that it only sells Lottery tickets Rudy, you derpwad! You don’t automatically assume that store sells only Lottery tickets, you know damn well they also sell 5-hour Energy shots and porno mags too don’t you Rudy?

Black Lives Matter is not meant to exclude anyone, it’s meant to convey that black lives matter also, despite self-serving racists like you Rudy, and your hope to be mentioned on the loudest cable channels like MSNBC, CNN, and Fox, because they give so much free air time to the other privileged white guy running his mouth to anyone who isn’t blinded by his inane orangeness and thin-skinned juvinality.

Fortunately for us all, people like Rudy are in the minority, because there were many politicians and others who sought to bridge the divide between police and minorities. Even some conservatives have begun to see the value in trying to listen and understand the many pitfalls and disenfranchisements that black Americans suffer. Even stalwart conservatives like Newt Gingrich and Paul Ryan gave lip service to the fact that white Americans cannot understand what it’s like to be systematically treated as second-class citizens and that whites instinctively underestimate the discrimination to which blacks are treated.

As Seth Myers on his Late Night show puts it, Newt’s “so white he’s basically a pair of boat shoes come to life”. And Newt’s been known to say one thing and act another, while Paul Ryan is as duplicitous Oedipus.

But at least these two said something, because Fox will report it, so there are a whole lot of white Americans who would have never heard it otherwise. It gives me a little hope that even Fox viewers can hear something besides what they already think every once in a while.

We desperately need reform and conciliation in a nation that has become the stomping ground for once great journalists and news people who would try and report the truth instead of ginning up ratings for profit-mongering entertainment companies like Time-Warner(CNN), Disney (ABC), Comcast (NBC & MSNBC & CNBC), CBS, and of course, FOX. We need people who can see things from opposite points of view and can still listen instead of shouting one’s own name or cause (Trump) with little respect for anyone who’s actually earned it.

But we also need to acknowledge that police officers are human beings who put their life on the line for strangers every day–like firemen and EMTs— who have incredibly hard, dangerous jobs for little pay and less understanding. Police need to try and understand the communities they serve.

We simply cannot fix hate with hate. Even Fox News had something nice to say about Snoop Dogg’s efforts to calm frayed nerves and tension from the Dallas sniper attack, which caused Fox viewers across the country to say, “Honey, what’s a snoop dog?”

But if Snoop Dogg and Newt Gingrich can see the way to offer peace instead of more and more acrimony, I hope we can see more of this type of searching for common ground….and less of the New York Post and New Yorker Rudy Giuliani.

Harvey Gold

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  1. Gregory Dowd
    July 14, 2016 at 3:29 pm

    Dear Mr. Gold, once again you sifted through the main stream media b*llsh*t and brought the truth, or information as close to the truth, into the glaring sunlight. Everyday life is beginning to remind me of the surreal qualities of “Revolution #9” and all its homogenizing of bizarre happenings. I’m very happy we all have you and your observations to read. I wish I could have read you from the early days, it is that edifying. Keep your pencil sharp. Greg Dowd

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