Trump’s Dangerous Liaisons

A little over twelve months ago, the big business Republicans were finally beginning to feel secure that their Citizens United empowered, billionaire backed candidates would again take control of the Party. How could they know that Donald Trump, the epitome of a self-aggrandizing, loose canon, with more questionable business ties than just the gaudy fake silk ones he makes in China, would come along and throw a wrench in their party float?

A Little Perspective


The Corporate Welfare Queens’ Republicans had beaten back the unruly Tea Party rebellion within their ranks, at least to manageable numbers, while sustaining serious but not fatal blows. With Hillary Clinton the most likely candidate for the Democrats, Republicans had already anticipated her return and done numerous hatchet-jobs on her from Benghazi to emails. They were certain that even Ted Cruz, a scourge among corporate-friendly Republicans, could be easily defeated in the primaries with the Citizens United ruling allowing a few billionaire recipients of their magnanimity in government subsidies and tax breaks to show their gratitude. One of their multiple billionaire-funded choices would prevail and then they’d crush Clinton once and for all in the general election.

In May, 2015, and with the presidency almost certainly a lock, Republicans were already planning for control of both Houses of Congress. With Ruth Bader Ginsburg turning 84 in March, 2017 and an already Conservative-leaning Supreme Court, they were popping corks. They would be in control of the political agenda for perhaps entire generations to come. Total political conquest seemed inevitable. They would be untouchable. Cue the victory parade.

Even when Donald Trump jumped in the next month, with his staged announcement at Trump Tower using unemployed actors to serve as cheering supporters at $50 a head, the Republicans thought that, compared to the Tea Party storm they had weathered, Trump would be a short-lived rain shower; a minor inconvenience; nothing more than a moments delay for their glorious victory parade.

The Republicans Bigly Mistake-Being Bubble Boys

But Trump, a cheater and con man extraordinaire, didn’t play by the same rules that Republican strategists have honed for decades. He didn’t depend on the home-field advantage of the Republican propaganda arm of the Party over at FOX News. And he’s a textbook sociopath who cheats and lies with no self-awareness, no remorse, and indifference to anyone’s pain he inflicts, including other Republicans.

He’s well-known for cheating, lying, and bragging openly about the millions of dollars in cash he withdrew from New Jersey casinos when he got caught under-reporting revenue.  He was fined $30 million, then immediately filed bankruptcy. (NJ Governor Chris Christie knocked that fine down to $5 million which Trump still hasn’t paid, and is why Christie was given the job of Trump’s waterboy after he was trounced in the primaries). Trump has over 200 mechanics liens by unpaid contractors filed against him for completed work. U.S. Banks won’t touch him so he’s deep in debt to banks in Russia and China and all of his property assets are reportedly highly leveraged. He’s also going to trial for fraud in his well-known Trump University scandal after the date of the election.

He reported on his sworn financial disclosure forms to federal election regulators that the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Fla., was worth $50 million, but when it came to paying taxes on the property, he told Palm Beach County it was worth only $5 million, either a state or federal offense or both.

Trump even went so far as to purchase $65,000 in jewelry from a New York store, then had an empty box shipped out of state to just to avoid the sales tax – and these are only some of the scams and lies for which he has been caught.

With U.S. banks no longer willing to finance his scams, being in debt to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin who makes no bones about intensely wanting to exact revenge on the U.S. and NATO, and owing China for sales based incentives he’s been unable to meet with his men’s suits and ties factory, Trump needed a new big money scam…badly. (Note: Trump has also used cheap overseas labor in as many as 26 other countries  despite his criticism of Ford and Nabisco and others for doing the same). So, on the advice of his primary liaison with Putin,(and his second of so-far three campaign chairmen) he started setting the stage for the mother lode of easy money for a con artist…political donations.

Specifically, white males who feel they’ve been exploited by the Republican Party with promises made but never fulfilled. These are people that take their lunch breaks sitting in their pickups, even in sweltering summer heat, cursing multi-culturalism, and having their prejudices nurtured on a.m. radio by Rush Limbaugh, or at home in online havens for racists like Alex Jones’ Infowars and

Perfect. Grist to the Trump mill.

Trump even ran a test case right before the Republican leadership’s eyes with his Obama birtherism exploits. But the corporate-backed Republicans couldn’t see the big picture and were just happy with Trump’s constant needling of Obama so they sat back and giggled.

In the “short game” of political primaries, Trump played to his new rubes and they turned out in droves for him. The media in turn provided Trump billions of free airtime covering his every move for the ratings he brought with his outlandish, dog whistle rallies.

And before the corporatist Republicans could catch their collective breath, it was too late. The corporate-backed GOP golden boys fell to Trump in early states, lost their contributors’ confidence and had to drop out. The corporatists were stuck with him.

But then came the general election.

Every time Trump speaks he drains a little more credibility from the shallow end of his overblown gene pool. Trump’s weird gang of surrogates doesn’t help either. Convicted shoplifter, Katrina Pierson, who oozes all the charisma of rotting roadkill, offered this word salad when questioned on CNN about Trump’s sudden vacillating position on his only core issue–immigration: “He hasn’t changed his position on immigration. He’s changed the words that he’s saying.”

The CNN studio crew was audibly choking back laughter.

Trump’s campaign has been struggling as he went from hiring a campaign manager who has direct monetary and political ties to Vladimir Putin, to “new” campaign manager, Steve Bannon, who stepped down as Executive Director of the Breitbart News website; an online sanctum for white supremacists.

Some of Bannon’s actual headlines from Breitbart:

  • “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy”
  • “Would You Rather Your Child Had Feminism or Cancer?” and,
  • “There’s No Hiring Bias Against Women in Tech They Just Suck at Interviews”
  • “The Solution To Online ‘Harassment’ Is Simple:Women Should Log Off

Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke declared Trump’s “brave stances” have empowered him and lavished praise on Trump as his political mentor when announcing his bid for the U.S. Senate.

And still Trump gets a televised media pass.

As Trump’s poll numbers grew stagnant, he showed signs of “softening” on immigration, his one and only signature issue. It was an egregious betrayal to Trump uber-supporter, the despicable Ann Coulter.  Even the vacuous Glenn Beck was flummoxed by a white supremacist caller to the Glenn Beck radio program who said that Trump had best not turn his back on them or they would “get him”.

When Anderson Cooper asked Trump on Thursday if he was embracing the “alt-right” movement, Trump replied like an oblivious “Malin”[male Sarah Palin]: “I don’t even know — nobody even knows what that is” a mirrored response to an earlier question by FOX’s Chris Wallace’s about Trump’s tacit approval of white supremacist support.

Right. Mr. Know-It-All had never heard of David Duke or white supremacists.

In the same way that the Dick Cheney and his neocon minions easily manipulated George W. Bush as a puppet to foment the superfluous Iraq war, the Aryans have staged an Occupy Trump revolution of their own, appropriating his rudderless campaign with all the finesse of purse snatchers.

As for the white supremacists, they’re just happy to have the bigger platform Trump has so graciously provided.But if being commandeered by some really nasty racism from the past didn’t faze him, I think the Rubicon has been crossed. He’s hooked on the money and fame of politics. Just as his personal opinion of anybody else is predicated on their opinion of him, politics has become his opiate.

Frankly, I think the news media’s attempts to make this election a horse race for their own profit purposes is malfeasance.They are supposed to be the public’s watchdogs, not puppy-dog provocateurs. Trump would be an abject disaster for the U.S., if not the world, if elected but the news media would have a bonanza so who cares, as long as Disney (ABC), ComCast(NBC, CNBC, MSNBC), CBS, Inc., Time-Warner(CNN) and Rupert Murdoch(FOX) make another few billion in profit?

Where the hell is the public outrage at this betrayal by the fourth estate?

But there is one thing of which I’m certain. Trumpism is here to stay. He’s addicted to praise regardless from where it comes. He’s had a taste of the big adoring crowds and the easy money that comes with it. To an attention junkie/con man, that’s like mainlining. Look at Sara Palin. She’s a gnat on a gnat’s ass compared to Trump and she quit her job as Governor of Alaska only two years in and has been milking her audience since John McCain desperately plucked her from obscurity to run as his VP in 2007.

Trump, however, is keeping some damned dangerous links to Russian and Chinese intelligence, which the media just blows off. Good lord, Obama was vilified in the media for ties to a controversial reverend, but Trump gets a pass on communist dictators to whom he owes untold millions of dollars? “Liberal Media” my ass.

And if anybody thinks Trumpmania will recede if he loses on Election Day, I’ve got some over-priced, undocumented-immigrant-built, highly leveraged, former Trump University property to sell you…it’s the best property. Tremendous property. Believe me.

Harvey Gold