Voting Third Party in 2016 Isn’t Progressive, It’s Immoral

On this anniversary of the result of electing a totally inadequate individual to President of the United States, I get sick to my stomach every time I hear the name Ralph Nader. Whether or not Nader actually cost Al Gore the 2000 election is undeniable unless you believe a) that Obama is coming for your guns, b) he’s got rows of FEMA trailers in some desert location magically hidden from satellites or c) FOX is “Fair and Balanced”.

And despite all the platitudes I’ve heard from self-proclaimed “people of conscience”, frankly you’re acting as ignorant as Trump voters, less progressive than Rush Limbaugh, and about as courageous as a wife beater. third-party-2016

Had Ralph Nader not run in 2000, Al Gore would have won in New Hampshire, he would not have needed Florida or its hanging chads, and we’d have been spared:

  • The Iraq war
  • The horrendous stupidity of George W. Bush ignoring the pre-9/11 memo
  • The cruelty and sheer despotism of “President” Dick Cheney
  • The “misplacing” of two billion dollars in cash in Iraq that’s never been found or mentioned by the corrupt broadcast media [did you SEE Matt Lauer’s pathetic display during the bogus “Commander-in-Chief forum” Wednesday night?]
  • Awarding of outrageously over-priced, no-bid contracts to Dick Cheney’s company, Halliburton, to “reconstruct Iraq”–but incredibly, Republicans and media STILL focus on emails after multiple rigged Republican Committees have spent millions in taxpayer dollars and half of their grueling 123-day work years for four years to come up with NADA, ZILCH,NOTHING
  • the Country Club alliance of George W and Tony Blair

Well, you get the idea….

So I guess it’s pretty clear that I despise so-called third parties and the self-righteous privileged “progressives” who are supposedly “voting their conscience”. Fringe. Pseudo-intellectual. Lacking empathy. Arrogant. Pretentious, Self-righteous and Naive; huh….sounds more like Trump than progressive doesn’t it?. And “protest voting” is just about as stupid as testing a stun baton on yourself.

The Green party zealots who went for Nader because they said there wasn’t any difference between Bush and Gore were tragically wrong then and they are even more tragically wrong now about Nader’s successor, Dr.Jill Stein. Before hopping the fence to the Green Party, most of these same supporters were “berniebots”. At least Bernie has morals and genuinely, though naively, thought he could change the system, in effect, overnight. The equivalent of thinking that one could turn the Titanic around in the Potomac River. And he was smart enough not to run as a third party candidate.

The guise of insisting on an ideological purity narrative, or being tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, or just being romantically enamored of some political revolution that’s already going the way of the well-meaning but ill-fated Occupy Wall St., rings as hollow as Ann Coulter’s head.

It discounts the suffering of those most in need of government help which they themselves will not have to endure. They want to save the planet, admirable and necessary!…but it would sacrifice a few million who have been pissed on for most of their lives already. Oh well, they say, anarchy is messy. That’s immoral, it will fail, and it shows a lack of empathy and the arrogance of privilege, not idealism, not progressiveness.

In theory, I can understand why alternatives might be appealing given Trump is a human leech and Clinton has been targeted by Republicans and a sensationalist broadcast media for decades who ignore or cover up all the good she has done, but “backwards and in high heels”.

And frankly, I lay much of the blame for how extreme the polarization of the two major Parties have become at the feet of the six entertainment companies who control 90% of U.S. news. Not one of them gives a damn about the truth, and all of them lack the balls to call any of the others out on their corporate bias. The more polarized the audience, the more they money they make for shareholders, which is a corporation’s appropriate mission, but it is not the appropriate mission for what the Founders envisioned as watchdogs for the public good.

There are understandably very frustrated voters, including me. But it’s the obstructionism anf failed logic behind “supply-side” economics, pushed by Republicans since Ronald Reagan that has created the unabated growth in in government debt, resentment of social programs that lifted 27 other countries to exceed the U.S. from math skill to and income inequality. It has created unprecedented gridlock in Congress and it has been exacerbated, if not outright encouraged, by the six entertainment corporations hyperlinked above and altered their mandate from watchdog status to provocateurs. It has encouraged monopolies which are the saboteurs of competition.

Of all years, 2016 isn’t the year for liberal purity. Casting a vote for any of the alternative Parties or independent candidates in November, write-ins, or not voting at all, might make one feel empowered or righteous, but it could also make you an accomplice of what’s left of the American Dream.

Some of the “protest vote” crowd admit to believing that burning down the house is the only way to get rid of termites, but that’s self-justification, not reasoned analysis, nor progressive values speaking.

I’m sure there are those who genuinely think they’re doing the right thing, but sometimes, intellectual knowledge just doesn’t equate to real time; losing a good friend in war just isn’t the same as serving in war and having a member of your squad’s head blown off standing next to you; reading about three successive, very public assassinations, is just not the same as experiencing them in real time and wondering if your family might survive the upheaval that seems imminent; or reading about the Kent State massacre in which four unarmed students were cut down, not by a lone madman but the National Guard, is not the same as being wrongly pepper-sprayed at an Occupy Wall St. protest.

With Trump on the ballot, possibly the most ego-maniacal con man in my lifetime, the risk of unintentionally helping elect an unstable, unqualified, sociopath is just unforgivable.

Even with all the self-inflicted wounds, Trump still starts out with a likely base of 170 electoral votes. Getting the next 100 needed for election will be a stretch, but it’s far from impossible. If Trump somehow ekes out a win in a couple of the swing states, it’s going to get very dicey very quickly.

I’ll be the first to admit that I liked Bernie Sanders a lot. What the Republicans have twisted and mangled Capitalism into is not free market Capitalism. People making less than a million dollars a ear are not being treated fairly under the current bloated, unnecessarily complicated tax system. But, do I think Sanders had a snowball’s chance of winning, much less getting any of his agenda through this numbskull GOP Congress? Hell no.

Bernie lost. Dr. Stein is NOT Bernie. And a third party? None of these candidates can possibly win. So a casting a protest vote for any one of them is akin to throwing your vote away, despite the high-minded liberals and TYT turds who would have you believe otherwise.

None of them will reach 15% in national polls, allowing them to be included in the presidential debates, gain a much wider national exposure, and then possibly making a decent run at getting their messages heard. And there are a helluva lot of people’s lives literally depending on the outcome of this race.

This extraordinary election and the rise of candidates Sanders and Trump, for polar opposite reasons, point to a very dissatisfied electorate. But like it or not, we, and our own laziness in succumbing to the influence of the media and politicians who stoke resentfulness, rather than loving and helping our neighbors; choosing insults and self-righteous bragging, instead of having reasoned, honest debate; just isn’t how we build upon our accomplishments to become better global leaders or protect our own precious neighbors and families.And in your heart of hearts, unless you have been seduced by the siren songs of subjectivity over objectivity, you can save your platitudes for a time they can be better utilized.

I’ve read the rumors and rumblings that Trump may be the last GOP presidential nominee; that the Republican Party will never recover from the Trump disaster; that it will splinter into various other entities. I heard the same when the Tea Party reared its head.

Republicans aren’t going anywhere. There’s way too much bribe money, thanks to an activist, insane bunch of conservatives on the Supreme Court who have literally legalized bribery and political corruption with insane rulings:

  1. In Citizens United that money is a right and that more money equals more rights[?] It’s beyond me how incompetent five Supreme Court justices can as to mistake property (money-it’s an asset derps, assets are property!!)
  2. In vacating Bob McDonnell‘s federal conviction for political corruption, they have legalized bribing politicians.

But if there is no realignment, no transformational shift, then there is a very real risk that the angry voices on both left and right keep getting louder and more violent. Third parties will never be a significant feature of American politics in this or even the next generation, without extraordinary support, which shows no more support now than in the past.

But with many important changes taking place already, from the changing demographics from mostly white to more diversity every day, the future is more dependent than ever on leaving prejudices, intolerance, wastefulness, proper education, unaffordable healthcare, fossil fuels, and climate-crushing in the past.

Think dammit.We know the difference between right and wrong. And anything that aids and abets Donald J. Trump’s chances of sitting in the Oval Office is monumentally irresponsible, if not immoral.

Maybe it’s possible that Trump being President wouldn’t be any worse than George W. Bush, but……

I think I’ll just let that sentence hang there so you can think about it.

You’re adults. You decide if that’s a gamble you want to take with your kids’ futures.


Harvey Gold