GOP & TV Media : Trump’s Yours-You Broke It You Own It

It was bad enough that we voters, who at least had hoped to see an actual debate between the candidates of the two major American political parties, had to spend the last 48 hours listening to a tape of Donald Trump discussing his sexual assault techniques, from grabbing genitals to forcing kisses. But Donald Trump, the most undignified candidate I’ve ever seen all the way down to a city councilman level in Jackson, MS, has left the majority of Americans feeling repulsed. His campaign advisers are two old clowns, politically and personally, in their own right, and a grinning, mid-level, bleach blonde, campaign manager who desperately needs to find the Wizard of Oz and get a brain.trump-debate-prep-cartoon

Trump hemorrhaged Republican support over the weekend–which says something in itself when that bunch is repulsed–with Senators John McCain and Kelly Ayotte, among others, saying they could no longer vote for him, and finally pulled their endorsements. Even Billy Bush’s career was left in shambles after the tape revealed the broadcaster had laughed along with Trump’s jokes about sexual molestation and how he could get away with it because he’s famous.

Trump needed to win big in the debate but he didn’t. But there was no real contrition for the “grabbing” sex tape. His bringing the women who accused Bill Clinton of lechery and assault—one dressed replete with camo ball cap and sweatshirt at a Presidential debate—from way back when Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas, was just lame….Bill Clinton isn’t running, and they had all previously sworn under oath that he didn’t assault them…plus a Trump Pac paid them each $2,500 to appear on tape and sit in the audience.

I’m sure that the stupid stunt was undoubtedly appealing to the Clinton-hating base, but it wasn’t going to move the needle in the election in the way Trump hoped. But for someone in Tampa Bay or Flint, MI who is just worried about how to keep the lights on, it was both political and human decency malfeasance that continued to flow from the TrumpTrainWreck.

And speaking of decency, I and millions of other decent Americans, have been subject to an assault on decency and respect since the day President Obama took office. But with the Tea Party fading into oblivion, Trump has picked up the cause of grotesque racism and disrespect for our laws and our government to a level that would be called insurgency in any other country in the world.

Worse, Trump event after Trump event has been breathlessly covered by a television media that has deteriorated into a journalistically unrecognizable parade of untalented hacks who are more Kardashian than Cronkite.

The pre-debate “ceremonies” for the first two presidential debates were so reminiscent of ESPN’s College Game Day that every time I spun past CNN and MSNBC on my channel listing I expected to see Lee Corso predicting who would win the “debate” by donning an over-sized Republican elephant or Democrat donkey foam mascot head.

It’s downright embarrassing and pathetic for what used to be a respected part of dignified Americana. The televised “news” media has descended into a moral and professional gutter in a manner the U.S. hasn’t seen in the modern era, if ever. Americans have screamed for over a year that the Republican candidate for President of these United States is so reprehensible that he barely qualifies as a human being, much less a Presidential candidate.

It’s pretty clear that Trump’s actual end-game is to develop a “Hate Hillary & Obama” audience for a Trump Network of Hate with the combined hate audiences of Steve Bannon’s, and Roger Ailes’ FOX “news” rejects like Sean Hannity, Moon Commander Newt, Mike Huckabee, Ann Coulter, Rudy Giuliani, et al, once he loses the election. Imagine what a gold mine that will be. After all, FOX just isn’t radical or shameful enough and he’ll fleece the haters until Jim and Tammy Faye look like amateurs.

In no particular order, he has called Mexicans rapists and murderers, called for the unconstitutional banning of people based on their religion, welcomed the support of the Klan, degraded women as bags of skin who “bleed from wherever”, or are fat, disgusting pigs, (when he himself is an obese, over-dyed, coke-sniffing, buffoon). He has dishonored POWs, including a sitting Senator in HIS PARTY, accepted a REAL soldier’s Purple Heart (saying he always wanted one of those!), made fun of the disabled, and lies so fast and furiously that no one in the media or the electorate can even keep up with them. And that’s just a fraction of the list. 

And now, after still endorsing the repulsive creature through all of the above disqualifications, a video from Access Hollywood comes along that makes any decent person cringe in front of their mothers, wives, or daughters, and suddenly THAT is enough to convince SOME Republicans to take back their endorsements.

I’m sorry Republicans, but you can’t get off that easy. You, Republican leaders, have stood by and endorsed this reprehensible orange turd through all of his indecency . Neither you nor the television media that nurtured this animal can pretend to be mortified. You, the television media, have covered this heartless, no-class con man for a year, free of charge, for your own selfish entertainment profit dollars. You’ve both defamed both politics and journalism and have failed the American public miserably. You broke it, you own it.

Every politician and “journalist” that has cozied up to this sociopathic demagogue must be rejected by any decent American. You should all be forced to wear that Scarlet Letter that you’ve so deservedly earned. You should all resign in disgrace or else be replaced by the voters and shareholders you represent.

You should have to explain, live and on the air in prime time, to your children and to the American people why you stood by like cowards and allowed this fraud and narcissistic sociopath to continue while you were butchering the freedoms and rights afforded you by the blood, sweat and tears of soldiers, working men and women, statesmen, and 200 years of progress for all Americans…for your own benefit, not for the benefit of the American people.

The so-called debate last night was impossibly jarring, and it couldn’t possibly reassure anyone about his temperament. Our allies and enemies around the world listened as the bloviated, privileged, heartless, coked-up creature who represents the Republican Party stood on stage saying his opponent had “tremendous hate in her heart” even though he had to know that it wasn’t the kind of line that would win him one additional vote. It was just liniment for his thin-skinned, uneducated, rabid base of haters.

His walking the stage and sometimes looming behind Clinton, (as if his obese, bumbling presence would somehow shake this woman because he’s such an overpowering presence of a man, SNIFF!) didn’t convey “calm,” “measured” or “presidential.” He seemed out of breath, clinging to the back of his chair, and sniffing, (which in all the hundreds of miles of footage of him has only afflicted him during the two debates). I guess he forgot that he blamed his rhino sounds on the microphone after the first debate. Maybe it takes a big ole line for him to be able to focus for 90 minutes, who knows? But may people are saying…..

Clinton’s steady, workman-like demeanor was surely challenged by his antics, but she kept making her case instead of wasting her precious minutes disputing the lies and generalities that are now hallmarks of her opponent. She kept issues and temperament on center stage. She remembered the questioners’ names. She spoke to them directly in a respectful and deliberate tone. And she did it all without bringing up Trump’s own rape charge pending in court, or his Trump University fraud charge pending in court, and without talking about grabbing men’s crotches and getting away with it because she is famous.

Shame on the Republicans, shame on the television media, and shame on every single American who votes for this disgraceful human being.

I for one, won’t bother to watch the next, and mercifully last time I hope this despicable piece of American privilege and dishonesty takes a stage to represent the Republican Party.

Harvey Gold