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ProgressNow by HG is Economic and Political commentary by Harvey Gold.

Established October 16, 2011

By Harvey Gold

ProgressNow byHG began as an outlet for me to try to do what little I can to de-bunk all the lies and propaganda espoused by certain politicians, and exacerbated by once-proud, 4th Estate, News Divisions, that are now run by Corporate-owned Entertainment Companies that benefit from contrived conflict; and conservative tax policies-which, by the way, is a blatant conflict-of-interest. This is particularly true as it relates to who, how, what, when and where the GOP made conscious decisions to destroy the U.S. Economy for their own enrichment. I enlisted (begged) the aid of some good friends at LiveNewsCloud.tv who understood how to design and maintain a website and HgTransEcon was born–it’s since been transformed twice—once into Liberal Beef, and now it’s current incarnation as ProgressHG in order to reflect the changing nature and co-dependence between governmental economic and political interests.

My ongoing purpose is to feature serious content that is well thought out, and sourced by the remaining unbiased, factual authorities. Inasmuch as the broadcast news media has completely abandoned it’s responsibility to at least attempt to be comprehensive, unbiased sources of information to the American public, I suppose I’m tilting at windmills, but what the hell else does one do? 

My focus is on discrediting the economic myths, untruths, lies, and distortions. But there’s more than just that.  Our goal is to feature articles that also address the voter suppression, dirty political tricks, the repression of free choice, control of our own bodies, destruction of the water, air and land we thrive on.  

Individual’s Name: Harvey Gold

Contact address: hg0711@outlook.com


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  1. Thales of Miletus
    June 12, 2012 at 4:56 am

    Fabulous, Mr. Gold!
    I will lend a hand, and even a feet or two, when I find the time.


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