Donald Trump is the Inevitable Result of Decades of Republican Blame-ism

Republicans like to own a lot of things, but responsibility is not one of them. It wasn’t their fault that good, godly, white people were working harder than ever and still falling behind. It wasn’t their fault that the only thing the Invisible Hand gave its working class believers was the middle finger. It wasn’t their fault that their tantalizing promises had come to nothing.
It was the fault of those uppity non-white people. They’re the ones who are taking your jobs and sucking up all your tax money on hand-outs and telling you that you are not even allowed to be a man anymore. It’s their fault!

Here We Go Again with Adjustable Rate Mortgages

While virtually every other country in the industrialized world is in the beginning phase of a sustainable economic revival, [despite having single-payer healthcare for all their citizens] the U.S. GOP-led Congress is trying every way they know how to toss millions of Americans off of healthcare for profit, trickling down the backs of 99% of…

Trump Sycophants on Disgusting Display Before Senate Intel Committee

If I had ever used the excuse to my parents that Trump’s National Security Agency Director (Admiral Michael S. Rogers), Director of National Intelligence (Daniel Coats), or Attorney General (Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions), used for not answering questions posed by the Senate Oversight Committee on Intelligence, (“I don’t feel like it”), I wouldn’t have been able…

Has the U.S. EVER Been “Of, By, and For the People”?

Underneath the hyper-partisanship currently infecting the United States, is there a deeper, fundamental lack of morality in its economics and politics? Is it something new or has it been glossed over since our separation from England? There is, of course, our obsession with winning, which is on blatant display if you ever get sucked into…

It’s Not the Voltage That Will Kill You, It’s the Grid

Imagine the Southwest or Southeast powerless for all of July or August. Tens of thousands could die. Billions of dollars would be lost in wages, grocery inventories, retail. Same would be true with the Northeast or Midwest for all of February. It would be the Mother of All Recessions. Distribution networks, airlines, trucking, would all be in chaos. All because one political party wants to ensure that renewable energy doesn’t get a foothold against coal, nuclear, or fossil fuels that generate our life-preserving electricity. Gasoline, water, food become useless. All while the GOP governing party can seem to worry about are important issues like which bathroom we can use.

The Future of the United States Clearly Depends on U.S. Women

“I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that President Trump presents the biggest threat to women’s progress we’ve seen in the last 50 years,” states Ms Farrell, whose group works for equal protection for women in law, in the workplace, and in schools. “Some of it is under the radar, and some of it is right in front of us. But what’s happening at the federal level is not only terrifying. It’s an outrage,” she says.