Hope During the Age of Trump

And I believe that even if I don’t personally live to see the next iteration of the rise of goodness in Americans come to fruition overcoming the intolerant, power-hungry, charlatans like you and this current GOP-controlled Congress, it.will.come.
And when it does, you and the scumbags you encourage will once again be relegated to the dark moist places where roaches belong; ridiculed by those around you and for generations to come.

The Biggest DonCon of All: “America First” is Making America Worst

Just as Herbert Hoover, the last Republican “businessman” did, President Trump and the GOP has implemented isolationism, personal enrichment, and a gross ignorance of knowledge about governmental economics, into a death spiral for the U.S., in the world leadership role. Incidentally, Hoover also had an all-Republican Congress at his disposal. Big frigging surprise! First, they…

Congress Should Have Only One Priority When They Return

Congress, in the midst of a month-long August recess, faces a massive policy threat when lawmakers return to Washington next month. By the end of September, Congress must approve legislation to raise the nation’s debt ceiling — or risk an economic disaster. And if the had any sense at all, they’d do away with the entire antiquated law,…

Donald Trump is the Inevitable Result of Decades of Republican Blame-ism

Republicans like to own a lot of things, but responsibility is not one of them. It wasn’t their fault that good, godly, white people were working harder than ever and still falling behind. It wasn’t their fault that the only thing the Invisible Hand gave its working class believers was the middle finger. It wasn’t their fault that their tantalizing promises had come to nothing.
It was the fault of those uppity non-white people. They’re the ones who are taking your jobs and sucking up all your tax money on hand-outs and telling you that you are not even allowed to be a man anymore. It’s their fault!

Here We Go Again with Adjustable Rate Mortgages

While virtually every other country in the industrialized world is in the beginning phase of a sustainable economic revival, [despite having single-payer healthcare for all their citizens] the U.S. GOP-led Congress is trying every way they know how to toss millions of Americans off of healthcare for profit, trickling down the backs of 99% of…