Lost in the Trump-Russia Tango? China

There will be many losers in a world of escalating tensions and disruption, but the U.S. stands to be the biggest loser given China’s new found preeminence as the “sane” option in the U.S.-China-Russia-EU tumult especially given Britain’s wrench thrown into the European Union’s spokes.China would not have picked this moment for a fight with the US. But if it can merge its own economic arrangements in the region and beyond, using its economic muscle—and now, remarkably, its political savvy and sense of “normality and stability”— muscle to its diplomatic and political advantage while escaping the burden of censure that its internal repression used to provoke, it will be a huge win for China.

Democrats: Resistance is Great, but NOT ENOUGH!

Resistance seems to be getting all the buzz these days since our President is almost certainly a raging lunatic and Congress is hell bent on turning the U.S. into a society where minorities and women have no rights…you know, like ancient Rome, or Ayn Rand World. Don’t get me wrong, showing resistance and showing we…

Trump and the GOP: Lessons Learned? Not According to History

I find it so hard to address any political subject these days, I suppose because The Lügenpresse campaign has been such a complete success with Trump’s supporters that they now live in a complete self-constructed, mental North Korea. Add to that the complete acquiescence of the broadcast media to corporate greed, and it seems fairly futile.…

American Exceptionalism: T.O.D.-12:01 pm, January 20th, 2017

Tomorrow’s inauguration will feature bussed-in “supporters” into the capital to celebrate the most serious and representational moment in our country’s democracy, despite the fact that the soon-to-be president is one who tears into an American hero, belittles our allies and praises our most dangerous enemy, deflects sexual harassment suits, settles fake University scams and whines like a baby when any person or poll shows disapproval, and claims ratings of him are rigged unless they’re favorable.
This is how the Trump presidency begins, and the illusion that remained of American Exceptionalism ends. The vastness of America’s vision, inclusiveness, and goodwill towards others has succumbed to the pettiness, and divisiveness of Trump and his ilk.

The hundred years of American Exceptionalism regresses, 140 characters at a time. SAD!

Repeal and Replace Ironies Bite Like a Great White Shark

Come on, we all know why the GOP wants to repeal ACA…because doing so would be a huge tax cut for the wealthy for pete’s sake. The rest is just hogwash. Congratulations Republican and Trump voters; you wanted communism and a Putin puppet so that only the wealthy and well connected comrades benefit from government? You’re about to get your wish and more in 3 days.
Do svidaniya i udachi.

Tariffs and Trade Wars: Trump’s Death Star for U.S. Economy

What Trump and Republicans don’t understand is that tariffs don’t operate in a vacuum, and it’s how macroeconomics is beset with traps and vicious consequences that don’t exist in microeconomics. A border tax would boost inflation by dramatically increasing the cost of everyday items imported from China and elsewhere regardless of income tax breaks. Corporations even break out their income tax breaks because they they have diminished importance as to operational profits,(see EBITDA). Retailers and manufacturers would have to pass those tariff costs along to consumers, buy them from a U.S. manufacturer with higher labor costs–which would also be passed along to the consumer–or just stop selling the item(s). Either way, the consumer’s discretionary income, if they have any, gets pinched or they have fewer choices from fewer competitors which means higher prices as well.