Hope During the Age of Trump

And I believe that even if I don’t personally live to see the next iteration of the rise of goodness in Americans come to fruition overcoming the intolerant, power-hungry, charlatans like you and this current GOP-controlled Congress, it.will.come.
And when it does, you and the scumbags you encourage will once again be relegated to the dark moist places where roaches belong; ridiculed by those around you and for generations to come.

A Corporatist Constitution:The Roberts Legacy

In direct contrast to its original iteration, The U.S. Constitution adopted in 1787, (which replaced the original document declared by George Washington as “contrary to ideals of the new republic” and forebodingly named the “Articles of Confederation” (see chart below for comparisons) emphasized that the U.S. Supreme Court should be the “supreme law of the…