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The Biggest DonCon of All: “America First” is Making America Worst

Just as Herbert Hoover, the last Republican “businessman” did, President Trump and the GOP has implemented isolationism, personal enrichment, and a gross ignorance of knowledge about governmental economics, into a death spiral for the U.S., in the world leadership role. Incidentally, Hoover also had an all-Republican Congress at his disposal. Big frigging surprise! First, they…

GOP & TV Media : Trump’s Yours-You Broke It You Own It

It was bad enough that we voters, who at least had hoped to see an actual debate between the candidates of the two major American political parties, had to spend the last 48 hours listening to a tape of Donald Trump discussing his sexual assault techniques, from grabbing genitals to forcing kisses. But Donald Trump, the…

Hillary and Millennials: The Consequences of Indifference

Trump’s echoes of fascist movements past has no significance with them beyond class settings. It’s the difference between seeing a tornado rip through a neighborhood on television and being in that neighborhood as it happens.
Because they have no personal frame of reference, when millennials see Trump, they think only of a silly reality television show star, not a burgeoning autocrat with a larger-than-expected fanatical, white supremacist, well-armed following. If Trump wins, they’ll get their chance to witness real upheaval on a nationwide scale first-hand. Until then they will go on believing that idealism is the same as realism.

The Reason Republicans Still Endorse Donald Trump

Not one Republican spoke up when George W. Bush spent $3 trillion dollars from Social Security/Medicare and left it off the financial reporting each year, which, if reported correctly, increases what we call the “national debt”. When Obama took office, he ordered the report to reflect the actual debt. So the Republican spinmeisters have always included it in their representation of Obama running up the debt, when actually, all he did was report it correctly.

Trump Shows Abject Ignorance on China, World Economy

China is playing a dangerous game of currency devaluation and manipulation. And like many other serious economic situations around the globe the U.S. media is totally ignoring it to focus on a spoiled, big-mouth, rat-headed, GOP buffoon who has zero understanding of government economics. The Chinese Money Machine is Running on Empty Despite Republican candidate…

Candidates Are Not The GOP’s Problem; It’s Their Voters

–Opinion– Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee for president in 2016, but his surge in popularity highlights the Republican’s real problem—GOP voters. And the inevitable crash-and-burn phase of his nascent campaign has not yet arrived — although his vile and unneccessary attacks on John McCain could turn out to be an indication—but it…